Jamison's Sales and Rental, Inc. has been a staple in Shelbyville, KY since the early 1980's providing mostly Home Furnishings, Appliances and Electronics.  Jamison's was started by Irvin Jamison specializing in Television repair and a few years later was expanded to sales along with service. However during the 1980s Jamison's had to battle many obstacles to survive and the biggest was the loss of Irvin.  Brenda Thomas (his widowed wife) decided to carry on his legacy. The timing was all but perfect because it was right in time for the great recession. Brenda Thomas was a smart business woman who was self taught and she decided to offer an in store payment option known today as Rent-To-Own.  Doing this allowed Jamison's to bypass the banks for credit approvals and at the time the interest rates alone was staggering. Customers could now come to Jamison's and purchase major home goods with no credit.  This decision to offer this no credit needed payment plan is what allowed Jamison's Sales and Rental, Inc. to continue this day.    

A great misunderstanding and unfortunate stigma has been casted onto the Rent-To-Own industry. We can not speak for other companies but at Jamison's you are family and our family only deserves the best in selection, customer support and above all appreciation.

Jamison's has stood strong and lasted during the 1980s recession, the recession of 2008 and the most recent 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. None of this could of been possible without the patronage of our existing and new customers. To you we are humbly grateful and make our business what it is today!

We take pride in offering many different ways to own your product within our store front.

Welcome to Jamison's Home Store